May 26, 2017

We started the day with SSR. After, we watched David Foster Wallace’s “Graduation Speech.”

+ Students have the option of answering two question s for extra credit:

  1. “What’s an education for?” is a question well worth asking while you’re in the midst of yours. Take a few minutes to list all the objectives you think your parents and the larger society have for children in sending them to school and college. Which objectives do you see as primary and which is secondary? Are any of these objectives at odds with one another?
  2.  Wallace speaks a lot about our “default settings” and our need to adjust them. How would you describe your own default setting? Name three adjustments you can imagine making in your own setting on the way to becoming “well adjusted.”

The rest of the class was spent working on responsibilities.


May 24, 2017

+We started the day with SSR.
+After, we finished everyone minute long speech. Next week, we stay in house all Wednesday and Tuesday except for elective. During that time, we will be doing a dress rehearsal of our 20 minute speeches. You are to perform the final 10 minutes of your 20 minute speech. Mr. Goehle will be using the PVLEGS rubric to grade us.
+After that announcement, Edwards talked about the grading for the Capstone Project. You are required to pass Capstone to graduate. Each section of the Capstone is worth 20%.
+Next Tuesday and Wednesday, Paul will be pulling students out of class for a “Thank You” video that will be shown at graduation.paul

May 23, 2017

We started today with the classic SSR. We continued with 1 minute speeches and an announcement from Mrs. Edwards. The announcement was just informing us that you can check who signed up for your capstone presentation at Please remember to work on your presentations with the rubric in mind.
+Reminder: You need a 65 for an A on SSR. If you are below, you have until the 31st to turn in PORs.
+Bill Nye video due tomorrow at midnight.20170523_092422

Blog Assignment #35

Hello East House, It’s David. Sorry for being late on the blog this week. My capstone project talks about the progression of ranks in the police force. Television shows tend to misrepresent the work done by detectives and how they complete it. This article gives reasons to why most crime shows are absurd.

Prompt: Do you believe television shows should be exaggerated for entertainment? By exaggerating this image, does this make police officers seem more heroic?

May 17, 2017

Today in class we began with 20 minutes of SSR then continued to work on our responsibilities for the rest of class. We did not do our 1-minute topic speeches since there was a substitute teacher.



  • English Unit (optional)
  • Posters + Blurbs
  • Personal Expression
  • Bill Nye
  • Blog #34
  • Capstone things

Blog Assignment #34

Hello East House, this is Derek. As many of you know I have a passion for art. This week’s blog focuses on my senior capstone topic of artistry.

Throughout my life I’ve been asked how I create the things I do, and have been told that talent is nothing but something you are born with, and that there was no way other people could ever be artists. I would try to explain the reasoning behind my creativity and teach others, but it never quite stuck or made sense. So I always wondered what it really took to become an artist. My senior project topic of artistry gave me an opportunity to reflect on the mindset I had and the environment that shaped this passion growing up. The article I have provided briefly examines and compares ideas and experiences that shaped artists.

1. Do you believe artists are born or taught? Or a mix of both? And why?

2. Many people simply do not try to create because of their strong belief that they can never be an artist. Is it their mindset/ motivation that prevents them? If so how can someone motivate them? (Can be answered in first question)

May 12, 2017

Game Plan:
SSR for 20 minutes

Finished 30-second speeches

Work on your responsibilities

  • English Unit (optional)
  • Path to 40
  • Inquiry Tree
  • Research Check
  • Personal Expression
  • Bill Nye


Inquiry Tree

  • Due May 16
  • If electronic, you can work on it in class Tuesday (must be time stamped that day and sent to